2019 HABA USA Games Flier

Playing HABA Games…

Playing HAB Games...


My Very First Games

n Encourages family n unplugged, conversation time n Supports cognitive n development n Builds self esteem and learning n to win or lose gracefully n Enhances forethought and n memory skills

Means having time with parents & family

Means they are important

Means they are speaking

Active Kids games, Gard Games, Tin Games

Means they are listening

Means they are learning patience

Means they are feeling emotions

Means learning to win and lose gracefully

Bring along Games

Means having to think sequentially

Means having to ask “What if?”

Means having courage




Means having to become someone else

Family Games

Means using memory skills

Means using concentration skills

Means being social

Means being unplugged

Strategy Games

But most importantly it means having fun while playing!


Game featured here is Snail Sprint, page 21.

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